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Pack shots fail to communicate critical information to shoppers, particularly on mobile devices. Mobile Ready Hero Images solve this problem by digitally representing the product and augmenting with off-pack communications. Mobile Ready Hero Images outperform pack shots in visual clarity tests and sales uplift A/B split tests.

In October 2017, GS1 launched a Hero Images Working Group. The objective of this group is to finalise a single globally agreed specification for Hero Images shown on mobile devices. The Cambridge team will continue to update these guidelines to represent best practice for Hero Images, throughout the GS1 development process and after the final specification has been released. Everyone is invited to join the Hero Images working group to collaborate on the GS1 guidelines.

These guidelines were developed by the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, using techniques described in the Inclusive Design Toolkit.



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Russian training. In July 2017, Sam Waller and Oli Bradley trained Russia’s biggest FMCG suppliers.

USA training. During 2 events in March and May 2017, Sam Waller and Oli Bradley trained over 150 representatives from America’s biggest FMCG suppliers.

UK training. In January 2017, Sam Waller and Oli Bradley trained UK representatives of Nestle, P&G, GSK, and 15 other global FMCG manufacturers. A follow-up workshop in London was hosted by Brandbank and GS1.