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Displaying images on mobiles at the best possible size.

Retailers are encouraged to display image tiles on smartphones at approximately 16 x 16 mm rendered size. The rendered size for tablets and laptops isn’t quite so critical, because space is not as constrained on these larger devices. However, a rendered size of approximately 23 x 23 mm is reasonable for a tablet, and 50 x 50 mm is reasonable for a desktop or laptop.

Larger images compromise the user’s ability to quickly scroll through a product listing page. Conversely, smaller images make it difficult (even impossible) to communicate the 4Ws graphically within the image. This causes shoppers to resort to extensive reading of product titles, which is typically slower and more cumbersome than scanning images.

Note that these guidelines refer to the actual size of the image when it is rendered onto the screen, which typically depends on the pixel size of the image and the DPI of the screen. It is left to suppliers, e-commerce image solution providers and retailers to determine the most appropriate way of ensuring a consistent and appropriate rendered size across multiple devices and platforms.


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