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Presenting size information

Positioning off-pack size lozenges

Off-pack size lozenges may be used to communicate size information (HoW much of it is there?). If used, these lozenges should be positioned in the bottom right corner. This maintains consistency across the images, so that the shopper knows where to look for the information. The bottom right of the image is the only location that is compatible with both portrait and landscape pack shapes.

For laundry products that contain discrete items, the pack may be shown with an item pull-out in the top right hand corner, but size should still be positioned in the bottom right corner.

Describing size as a number of ‘functional uses’

Some products have an agreed category standard where size is commonly described as a number of ‘functional uses’ e.g. 4 serves, 30 washes. In other cases, a pack contains countable items, e.g. 40 cups, 20 wipes, 10 rolls.

In these cases, suppliers are encouraged to describe size in this way. The unit of size (e.g. serves, cups) should be included, except for laundry where the there is a category standard icon indicating ‘washes’ (see example on the right). In addition, the corresponding SI units (e.g. ml, grams) should be presented by the retailer in a complementary manner, such as in the product title.

Using standard shapes for size lozenges

Off-pack size lozenges should be square with a rounded corner. Off-pack quantity and size lozenges should be rectangular for quantity and square for size, each with a rounded corner. Other shapes should not be used off pack (except for laundry).

Laundry products should use the standard laundry basket symbol (see example on the right), if it is established in the territory. Otherwise, they should use the standard rectangle with a rounded corner.


  • Retailers demand category standard visual consistency in off-pack communications. They will not accept images where each brand uses their own off-pack icons to describe size (or any other information).
  • Mobile ready hero images are not suitable for trying to establish new visual icons. They are too small and not visible enough for this purpose.
  • Laundry is an exception because the laundry basket icon appeared on the front of physical laundry packs for years before appearing off-pack on Mobile Ready Hero Images.


When communicating size within the digital pack, suppliers remain free to use any assets that exist on the actual front of pack.

Using a standard typeface within size lozenges

Off-pack size information should be presented in Open Sans bold.

Within a 3000 x 3000 pixel image, the font-size for the numerals should be 82pt.

The text that describes the units:

  • should be positioned underneath the numerals, centred and in 55pt font. An exception is litres (L) where the units should be in line with the numerals and the same size as them.
  • should be lowercase. Using L for Litres is the only exception to this.
  • should not be omitted.

Descriptions of functional uses should also be lowercase, e.g. 20 bags, 2 serves, 40 wipes.


This maintains visual consistency in off-pack communications, and ensures the text is large enough to pass the visual clarity test.

Using a standard colour within size lozenges

The colour of the size lozenge should be black. Please note that this differs from the advice in previous versions of these guidelines in which the lozenge colour matched the brand. Using black creates greater consistency between images, and all of the example shown in the GS1 guideline use black.

The font colour should be white, as this achieves a good contrast between the text and its background.


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